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ELSS - Equity Linked Saving Schemes || Tax Saving in India under 80c

What is ELSS? Equity Linked Saving Schemes - or ELSS - are a type of tax saving mutual fund investment. A mutual fund investment pools money from many investors and attempts to reward them with profit. This profit is generated through investments in companies and income-generating opportunities. The profits earned by the fund scheme are distributed amongst the investors in the form of regular payouts or a large one-time payment at the end of the fund’s tenure. Tax saving mutual funds like ELSS do the same thing, but also give enable you to obtain exemption of up to Rs.1,50,000 of your annual income from tax in India. Invest

Debt Funds || Alternate of Bank Fixed Diposit(FD)

What are debt mutual funds? Mutual funds investment gather money from a lot of investors and create a corpus. The corpus (i.e. the pool of money) is then divided for investment into different companies and income generating opportunities. While there is no guarantee that any mutual fund scheme will achieve its goals due to the factors of risk and ever-fluctuating markets, debt mutual funds strive to minimize risk by picking the least risky types of investment instruments. Debt mutual funds invest the majority of their corpus in fixed-income or fixed-interest generating opportunities and instruments. Some examples of the instruments debt funds invest in

Make Salary online || Sources to Earn money from your comfort at Home

 Earning money has typically been associated with and restricted to traditional 'offline' route. With the Internet taking over a large part of our lives, more people are looking to ways to earn money online to increase their financial inflows, with secondary income streams. You should be mindful of the platform that you choose. While there are numerous ways to earn money online, some of these might be fake. Also, do not expect to earn a huge amount quickly when using online avenues to earn money. With a situation involving more time at home and/or more free time in general, maybe fewer working hours for some, some of you might have some free time on hands. Here are online platforms, websites and tools that can help you earn money online. 1. Freelancing Freelancing has always been a popular way to earn money online and the Internet has several options. There are several websites offering freelance tasks for people with varying skills. All you need to do is to create an account,

Types of Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds : Mutual funds are one of the most sought-after investment options in the financial markets. They are generally categorized into 3 basic types, i.e. equity funds, debt funds, hybrid funds. Such distinction is made based on their characteristics- liquidity, assets invested in, nature of securities owned, associated risks, etc. While equity mutual funds are similar to equity stocks, fixed income mutual funds concentrate on corporate bonds and other securities that earn a regular income, and money market mutual funds deal in securities with high liquidity. Each has its different returns, associated risks, and separate lock-in period. We have tried to explain them in the following points for your better clarity: